Submit a Sample

We’ve made it easy to submit samples by guiding you through the process on this page. Follow the easy-to-follow steps to submit chain of custody forms, get information to request sampling media, order blanks for environmental sampling, and print shipping labels. Just fill in the information, package your sample, enclose the documents, attach the shipping label, and notify the lab your samples are on their way.

How to Submit a Sample for Analysis

1. If necessary, contact the laboratory by phone to request any sample media or blanks (1.800.860.1775 option 3).

2. Complete a Chain of Custody (COC) by clicking the link to download the document appropriate to your project.

3. Make sure that the COC includes the following information:

  • Sample identification
  • Type of analysis requested
  • Sample volume and wipe areas (where applicable)
  • Analysis turnaround time (TAT)
    • Unless otherwise notified, all samples are logged in and processed for standard turnaround time (TAT) as indicated in the chart below.
  • Report To: Name, address, phone number, and email address
  • Bill To: Name, address, phone number, and email address. Include purchase order and/or credit card information
  • Special instructions (if any)
  • Signature and printed name, phone number, and email address of the person remitting the sample
  • Attention to (if known)

4. Notify the laboratory by phone or use the contact form below (1.800.860.1775).

5. Ship your Sample.

  • You are responsible for all shipping costs and any special handling fees (e.g., hazardous materials or international destinations) as well as costs associated with return shipping of sample containers and samples.

Notify the Lab

Use the form below to notify the lab that your sample is on its way. Please indicate if you need expedited turnaround times. This will allow for any required laboratory preparation so that we can meet your TAT needs.

6. Attach Your Chain of Custody, Purchase Order, and/or Additional Paperwork:

  • Please note: A hard copy of your Chain of Custody must also accompany your samples.

Complete the form below to submit your sample.