Field Surveys, Evaluations, and Sampling

Our field services teams, who specialize in multiple disciplines, work on site to provide thorough field surveys, evaluations, and uncompromised sample procurement. Our decades of experience ensure your designated parameters are defined and surveyed effectively.

Adhering to site-specific safety protocols, RJ Lee Group’s field services expertise spans a variety environments, from hospital pharmacies to steel manufacturing plants to underwater evaluations of piers. We are versed in NIOSH, OSHA, EPA and ASTM methodologies and use the most appropriate sampling techniques along with the best field instrument technologies available.


Protecting people and critical environments:

  • Confined spaces evaluation at chemical manufacturing plants
  • Exposure monitoring of steel workers for lead and other airborne contaminants
  • Air sampling in open-pit quarries and underground mines
  • Community air sampling in urban areas adjacent to major highways, tunnels, wastewater treatment plants, and other sources of environmental contamination
  • Surface contamination surveys with antineoplastic and other hazardous drugs in oncology pharmacies and treatment areas
  • Safety and infection control oversight for during hospital construction
  • External review and audit of hospital environmental health & safety programs
  • Indoor environmental quality (IEQ) investigations in Class-A office spaces, residences, and critical areas such as neo-natal intensive care units in hospitals

Evaluating buildings and infrastructure:

  • High-rise office buildings (including electrical and mechanical systems)
  • Bridges (including metallurgical, corrosion and submerged piers)
  • Concrete support members associated with elevated railroads, highways, and high-rise office buildings

Post-disaster assessments:

  • Extended community air monitoring and inspections during abatement and demolition of buildings at the World Trade Center site
  • Oversight during remediation of mold and water-damaged materials from buildings and homes in the Gulf Coast region following Hurricane Katrina
  • Environmental contamination and damage assessments following accidents or incidents involving hazardous materials

Mobile Laboratory for Identification and Measurement of VOCs

RJ Lee Group’s Mobile Organic Monitoring Lab is equipped with a full complement of air monitoring instrumentation for screening of VOCs and other airborne contamination to meet federal and state minimum levels in both indoor and outdoor air.

To learn more about the Mobile Organic Monitoring Lab, click here.

Proton Transfer Mass Spectrometer (PTR-MS)

The mainstay of the mobile lab is the Proton Transfer Mass Spectrometer (PTR-MS), an instrument that monitors a continuous flow of sampled air on line and in real time with detection sensitivity to the parts per trillion range for common VOCs. The PTR-MS also does not require pre-treating samples and has no carrier gas requirements. Common VOC contaminants that are detected by the PTR-MS include:

  • Chlorinated solvents
  • BTEX compounds
  • PBCs, pesticides and agricultural emissions
  • Chemicals from smoke and fires

The Ideal Air Monitoring Solution

Outdoor Applications

  • Site and environmental monitoring
    • Contaminant plume location and concentration levels graphically pinpointed in real time using GPS mapping data.
    • Atmospheric research
    • Air quality testing on military bases and in air base hangars
    • Agricultural air monitoring
    • Air quality screening for worker safety

Indoor Applications

  • Measurement of chemical emissions of building materials
    • Measure variations in ambient air contamination within 24 hours and detect VOC concentrations in indoor environments at a distance of over 100 feet without loss of monitoring sensitivity.
    • Vapor Intrusion detection
    • Pharmaceutical, cosmetics and toiletries manufacturing
    • Micro-electronic manufacturing
    • Breath analysis as a medical diagnostic tool
    • Food research


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