Energy & Utilities

We Work So That the Energy Industry Can Work

Energy concerns throughout the production process, from fuel capture to production facility operations. Issues in the energy industry can include:

  • When a turbine or generator cracks
  • When chemical interaction between materials causes corrosion
  • When the coating on an insulator deteriorates or the welding on a well casing fails
  • When the stability of a transmission tower is in question

Our experts can tell you why it happened, how to prevent it and how to correct it. From the minute examination of nanomaterials and semiconductor substrate on solar panels to the bulk testing of various concrete mixtures for underground nuclear waste storage, our experts work to ensure your materials are best suited for your application.

The Good, The Bad and the Tested

Coal-fired plants produce most of the electricity in the United States. A by-product of these plants is fly ash, which is often regarded as a negative result of generating electricity. Our experts determine the chemical composition of fly ash, evaluating whether it can be used in reprocessed materials, such as concrete, or if it is suitable for environmental placement. For instance, RJ Lee Group has also developed a microscopy-based quantitative counting method to estimate the weight percent of fly ash in environmental samples during work for Tennessee Valley Authority (TVA). Applying the results of this method to the project, TVA was able to determine that disturbing river silt to remediate the fly ash would cause more problems than allowing it to remain in the river.

Cementing Gas Issues

The cement in a gas well maintains the well’s integrity and contributes some corrosion protection for the casing. Defective cement, poorly cemented casings, and leaking storage pits increase the potential for gas migration that may affect water supplies. Our experts can confirm your cement, cement additives, cement slurry and mixing fluids to ensure they meet the requirements for well design, as well as validate casing materials and welds. Additionally, we can test the water to determine if gas migration has occurred.

Up in the Air

RJ Lee Group is also available to address occupational safety and health and environmental health and safety requirements for the energy industry. Our environmental experts can develop and carry out air monitoring and sampling programs and stack testing to determine trace contaminants in the air, as well as source apportionment plans to determine the contributions of various pollution sources to a location of interest.

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