Materials Characterization and Component Complexity

Microelectronic failure can be caused by many factors at any stage of the chip and component fabrication process. Some devices manufactured today not only use nano materials, but consist of multiple metal layers requiring hundreds of sequenced processing steps. RJ Lee Group’s experts:

  • Perform raw materials testing
  • Analyze process-produced defects
  • Provide analysis to augment quality assurance or quality control efforts
  • Evaluate the finished or returned product

We go beyond providing analytical data to assist with interpreting your results and applying those results to your process.

Microelectronic Services

  • Material Service – wafer substrates, analyze residual contaminant films, point defects, and crystallographic features, including orientation and inherent stress
  • Deposited and Grown Thin Film Layers and Structures – investigate compositional and physical characteristics
  • Solder Materials – analyze for lead content and evaluate solder connections for defects and quality
  • Metallization Contacts, Traces, and Interconnects – evaluate for process- and service-related defects and failures
  • IC Packages – destructive physical analysis to characterize chip failures
  • Packaging and Products – investigate outgassing issues that result in odors and precipitated film residues
  • Raw Materials – analyze for ROHS compliance to determine concentrations of restricted substances

Related Services

Air Sampling and Monitoring

Air monitoring is used extensively in the microelectronic chip and component production process to reduce particle contamination caused by both the process and the equipment. Our Environmental Health and Safety (EH&S) experts can design and carry out monitoring and sampling plans to characterize particulate, isolate the source of contaminants, determine how it affects the product, and suggest corrective action. We also develop and implement plans to monitor clean room facilities to ensure safety and compliance. Our EH&S team can investigate and monitor the effects of chemicals used in the production process for volatile organic compounds (VOCs) and other vapors generated during metallization.