Lead Analysis for Landlords

Philadelphia Law Requirements

Lead Analysis for Landlords

We provide lead analysis on wipes for landlords, property managers, or university housing offices who need to document lead levels in their properties.

Philadelphia and other major metro areas are phasing in lead testing to assure that rental properties are lead-safe or lead-free. RJ Lee Group, based in Southwest Pennsylvania, is an AIHA-LAP, LLC ELLAP certified lab which meets the requirements of the National Lead Laboratory Accreditation Program (NLLAP). Under this accreditation RJLG analyzes paint, soil, and settled dust wipes for lead, and can provide the materials to do so. RJ Lee Group’s testing will provide you with a report documenting levels of lead in your property and will ultimately assist you in fulfilling Philadelphia’s requirement for the Lead and Healthy Homes Program (The Philadelphia Department of Public Health).

Learn more about the Philadelphia law, Rental Property Lead Certification Law.

How else can RJ Lee Group provide assistance for landlords and property managers? Besides lead tests for paint, metals, soil and wood, we can also provide lab testing for asbestos and drinking water. We are an analytical laboratory and scientific consulting firm based in Pittsburgh, PA who can perform environmental, health and safety evaluations for property managers.

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